“To provide programs and ideas to stakeholders and parents in an effort to motivate children to be productive people inside and outside of school”

A program developed for Parents and Children

This book which is based on years of development will allow students to leapfrog some pain staking tasks associated with learning a new language.

Welcome to a new methodology based on research, technology and many years of experience as a technology and ESL instructor.

your voice theater is not a theater in the traditional sense of the word, it is however a stage where I implore my students of all ages to speak their minds and unveil the special gifts that are given by our creator. it has been said that a mind is a terrible thing to waste, I would take it a step further by saying, not providing clear and concise information to a student prohibits that student from developing.

so,I have created a stage for my students where they can perform without judgment, make mistakes, have fun and learn. one initiative I currently have is to teach mainly children about programming to make them innovators and not simply consumers of tech gadgets.

so your voice theater is not only about learning a new language, but to give confidence to students that they can become whatever they want to become in life by simply taking their own stage and making their voices be heard.